CampusRun take place?
The run will start in blocks between 18:00 and 18:30 at the X TU Delft Mekelweg 8-10, 2628 CD Delft.

When can I pick up my bib number?
On the day of the run, you can pick up your number between 17:00 and 18:00. More will be announced soon.

Until when it is possible to enter the run?
The last day to register online is June 4, 2019. This is the day before the run.

Is there time management present during the CampusRun?
Yes! We will announce how we will integrate this system soon. Everyone will receive a personal chip, which will measure the time between your start and finish. You will receive your chip together with your bib number on the day of the run.

Help! What should I wear during CampusRun?
Put on your best and craziest outfit of course. But else just come in regular sportswear so you do not interfere with the people who run for a serious time.

Will there be pictures taken during the run?
Hell yes! Scattered around the grounds you’ll encounter photographers. At the finish we have a photographer so that everyone gets a photo finish. These pictures will al be released on our Facebook.

I’ve lost my E-ticket! What should I do?
Send us an email (info@campusrun.nl), we will send it again!

What will the route look like?
The trail of this year will lead you through various hotspots of the Mekelpark. The route will be clearly marked with signs and volunteers, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost. During the run, water and fruit will be provided at the places shown below.

Will there be water and fruitstands on the route?
Yes! On the map displayed on the right, you can find the water and fruit points.

Will there be changing rooms?
Yes! There are changing rooms at X TU Delft for the CampusRun. You can also shower here after the run.

I can not change my runners profile, what should I do?
Register yourself via the link in the mail with the e-ticket. If it still doesn’t work, send us an email and we’ll do it for you!

How can people sponsor me?
Check this page. Here you can be sponsored by all your friends and family! There is also a button to share the page via Facebook

What happens in bad weather?
When there is a significant amount of rain expected, we will possibly delay the start. Only when the conditions are too dangerous for the participants or volunteers, we’ll cancel the run.

Is your question stil not answered? Mail it to info@campusrun.nl. Or talk to one of us.