How to..

There are 2 ways to donate for Doctors Without Borders. Donate money yourself or create a personal sponsorship page (thereby getting sponsored by others). 100% of what you donate goes directly to Doctors Without Borders.

Donate yourself

You can make a personal donation via this link. Simply state your name and fill in the amount. Afterwards, your name, along with the amount, will appear on the overall donation page of the CampusRun (link).

Raise sponsorship money from friends, family and professors

You can also create a personal donation page. There, friends, family, professors and others can encourage you by donating for charity. Follow the steps below to set up your personal donation page:

  1. Go to this link
  2. Scroll down and press “Join this team
  3. Fill in your details and give a title to your personal donation page.
  4. You will then appear amongst the team members of the CampusRun. Clicking on your own name will take you to your donation page. Copy the link there and forward it to friends and family!

Note: To access your personal donation page, you might have to click on “team members” first.

Keep in mind that to actually participate in the run, you still need to register, which you can do by clicking the “Register” tab at the top of your screen. However, if you would only like to make a donation (without running yourself), you don’t need to register.