The CampusRun originated as an anniversary activity from Gezelschap Leeghwater and has gronw to become the most standout running event of the TU Delft. This year, the event is organised for the 8th time, and we have decided that this year, you can participate by running 500m, 5km or 10km. Is running not really your thing! Become a sponsor! All the sponsor money we raise will go to this years charity organisation: KiKa. KiKa finances research to improve the treatment of child cancer.

Virtuele Run – How does it work?

For the first time, we organise the CampusRun virtually. This means that you can decide youself which route you will take! To registrate your distance and time, it is important that you download the (free!) app Strava on your phone (

Since we expect that most of you are unfamiliar with the concept of a virtual run, we will organise a trial run two weeks in advance of the official run. This way, you can try out the time-registration system. After the trial run we will also send out the results so you can see how well you are doing compared to your competition! The trial run is scheduled on May 20th 2020 and the official CampusRun is scheduled on June 3rd 2020.

How to enter the competition?

  1. Click on “Doe mee” on This is the site on which people can sponsor you!
  2. Download Strava (
  3. Register for the run you want to do! Here we take care of the time registration.
    1. Link proefrun 500m
    2. Link proefrun 5km
    3. Link proefrun 10km
    4. Link CampusRun 500m
    5. Link CampusRun 5km
    6. Link CampusRun 10km
  4. Register on the Leeghwater website. Now we can contact you after the run in case you have won a prize!
  5. On the specified date, run at least the distance that you have registered for. Take care of yourself by bringing enough water and planning out a safe route. The time registration will be calculated from the average speed of your run. Don’t forget to turn the app on and check whether your GPS works properly!

Who can participate?

Everyone! So don’t hesitate any longer and enrol yourself!

What to win?

We will give away a sports bag by raffle! All runners automatically participate in this lottery. You can earn more lottery tickets by gaining more sponsor money for KiKa. For every 5 euros you raise, we will add another lottery ticket for you! Furthermore, there will be some distance-specific prizes to be raffled as well!

  • 10km: a 15 euros gift voucher!
  • 5km: a 15 euros gift voucher!
  • 500m: 2000 straws!

Because of susceptibility to fraud, we will not award the participants with the best time registration.

Furthermore, you can win prizes by participating in our weekly challenges! Keep an eye on our social media accounts for this!

Extra information

For questions, ideas, tips or just a nice story you are always able to contact us at